Continuing the conversation: let’s focus on alcohol

Closed 1 Sep 2020

Opened 10 Aug 2020


Alcohol in East Sussex.

From our recent consultation with residents and people who use drug and alcohol services, people felt that one of the most important issues was reducing harm associated with alcohol. We want to continue that conversation with a focus on alcohol and its impact across the county.

Alcohol is a complex public health challenge. People enjoy a drink as part of their week to unwind with friends or enjoy an event and there is a healthy industry creating and sustaining jobs across the county. 

There is also a downside to alcohol consumption, which causes harm to people who consume it and those around them, using up vital public resources paid for by the taxpayer and costing the overall economy millions of pounds each year.

Unfortunately, the burden of this harm is often experienced by the poorest residents in the county.

There are several factors that increase or reduce alcohol consumption from national taxes, availability, access and acceptability to advertising. Furthermore anecdotal evidence suggests that lockdown during the pandemic has increased consumption.

In East Sussex we want residents to have a healthy relationship with alcohol. Over the next five years statutory agencies like local government, NHS and Sussex Police will be working together with residents to improve our relationship with alcohol and reduce inequality relating to alcohol harm.

Your views are important. Let’s continue the conversation.

How to take part

You can take part by clicking on the link that says 'Online Survey' in the blue box below. Your answers will be anonymous. If you need help to take part or you need the information in another format please get in touch with us. There is also an easy read leaflet below which explains how you can get help to take part.

Why We Are Consulting

We are consulting to ensure that residents have been part of the conversation informing the development of the strategy.

Focus groups will also be undertaken with service users to ensure they have a voice within this conversation.

Privacy information: This survey is anonymous and we don't ask you to provide any personal information. Please ensure that any comments you make don't include any names or personal details of you or anyone else. You can find our privacy notice about how the data will be stored and processed by East Sussex County Council on our website.

What Happens Next

What happens next?

The responses to this consultation and the focus groups will inform the new East Sussex Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy for the next five years.


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