Clerk Buddies Application Form: New Clerks

Closed 28 Apr 2023

Opened 3 Jan 2023


In response to requests from some of our newly appointed clerks, we are pleased to launch Clerk Buddies!  It is a great way for experienced clerks to share their knowledge/expertise with their peers and for newer clerks to ask questions in a safe space!

Key benefits:

New Clerks

Existing Clerks

  • Networking
  • Clear point of contact and 1:1 assistance
  • Opportunity to learn how things ‘really get done’!


  • Networking
  • Opportunity to share ideas/best practice
  • Opportunity to develop mentoring skills



How best to work together

  • Agree a mutually beneficial time to ‘meet’ – at present, this should be conducted virtually, either through a phone call or via a virtual meeting, such as MS Teams or Zoom.
  • New clerks should ideally suggest 1-3 key topics for discussion in advance – this is so that the existing clerk can plan ahead to identify useful suggestions/tools to sign-post the new clerk to.
  • Confidentiality is essential – information shared during buddy 1:1s should be treated with discretion.
  • Remember no question is a silly question!
  • Don’t forget to agree when next to meet.
  • Continue to contact the GCS Team for support and advice as needed.


  • All Areas


  • Targeted sample


  • Schools and school admissions