Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) Programme 2021 for East Sussex - Expression of Interest Application Form – Summer and / or Christmas

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Closes 23 Apr 2021

Section 1 About your organisation

1. Lead contact
2. Position
3. Address
4. Email address
5. Phone Number
6. Type of organisation (School, Other education provider, third sector organisation, Other)
7. Which geographical area/locations are you targeting?
8. Please could you provide the address and postcode for the site where your provision will take place (if known)?
9. What age are the children you are proposing to cater for? (please tick all that apply)
10. What are you proposing to offer?
11. Have you collaborated with a school or another organisation for the proposed activities/projects? If so, please name the organisation.
12. Would you be interested in collaborating with other organisations?
13. Does your organisation have a booking system? If yes, please give more details here.