Fostering Survey - Statutory Health Assessments - Initials and Reviews

Closed 1 Dec 2019

Opened 6 Nov 2019


Childrens Services are carrying out a survey on behalf of the Strategic Health of Looked after Children Forum. As a service we need to be able make sure we are doing everything possible to understand issues foster carers may have with attending Initial Health Assessments and Review Health Assessments for the LAC children they have in placement as well as raising the profile and importance of Health for LAC children. It is important, as foster carers, that we have your views on your LAC Child(ren)s health and that we are meeting the needs of said child. As Foster Carers you should be aware of the number of health visits that should be attended on an annual basis (twice a year for under 5’s and once a year for over 5’s) and we would like to know if we are meeting this criteria, any issues that have arisen and anything we can do to make the process easier.

This is your chance to represent your say.

Why We Are Consulting

The East Sussex Strategic Health of Looked After Children Forum meets quarterly (since July 2018) and includes Heads of Service East Sussex County Council, Health Commissioners, Designated Looked after Children health professionals, Looked after Children medical and nursing service provider representatives, Virtual School Head, Mental health service, SWIFT and Foster Carer representatives. The Forum aims to improve the health outcomes of Looked After Children and would greatly value your views as a Foster Carer. The Forum plans to make recommendations for improvements or innovation regarding provision of Statutory Health Assessments in East Sussex and this is your opportunity to be part of that process. Thank you for your participation.


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