Fostering Survey - Statutory Health Assessments - Initials and Reviews

Closes 1 Dec 2019


1. How would you rank your overall fostering experience?
2. How many children/young people do you currently foster?
3. What ages are the children/young people you currently foster?
4. In the last year, have you (and/or the young person in your care) attended a Statutory health assessment at Eastbourne District General Hospital or other health venue?
5. If you answered yes for Q.4, what did you think of the venue -- include comment on accessibility, parking, facilities, waiting area, décor, environment?
6. In the last year, how many health assessments occurred at your home?
7. What are your views of the health assessment occurring in your home? Include positives and negatives for yourself and the young person.
8. Were you were given choice regarding venue and appointment time?
9. At or prior to the health assessment, were you asked to contribute your views of the child’s health and developmental progress through the following:
10. Were you given an opportunity to talk to the Doctor or Nurse without the child present?
11. If no to Q10, would this have been beneficial, important or preferred?
12. Do you feel your views were listened to and respected?
13. At the time of the appointment, did you have any health concerns regarding the child?
14. If Yes to Q13, were these health concerns addressed during the assessment?
15. If Yes to Q13 or if new health concerns were identified, were you given any advice or onward referrals relating to these concerns?
16. If Yes to Q13, had you already discussed these concerns with the GP?
17. By the first Statutory health assessment (since child had moved to live with you), was the child registered with a local GP permanently (ensuring the child’s GP-held health records follow them)?
18. If No to Q17, please describe any difficulty you had registering the child with the GP:
19. Had the child / young person seen the GP in preceding 3 months?
20. Were you given a copy of Part C/Health Care Plan/Health Recommendations of assessment?
21. If Yes to Q20, how soon after the assessment did you receive this?
22. If No to Q20, were you given a copy of the health recommendations?
23. If Yes to Q22, how soon after the assessment did you receive this?
24. Do you consider the child/young person was listened to through the health assessment?
25. Are there any changes you feel could be made to improve the time of assessment, venue, health assessment, report or process?
26. Please provide any additional feedback here:
27. Please provide your details. By completing the survey, your name will be entered into a prize draw.