Information for Families Facebook feedback

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Closes 1 Dec 2020


1. How old are the child(ren) in your care either full or part-time?
2. What is your relationship to the children in question 1?
3. Which social media platform do you use most when looking for information?
4. How often do you use social media to look for information?
5. In order of priority 1 to 6 what would you like the Family Information Service to post more information on? (1 being the most important and 6 the least)
6. Do you consider yourself or any of the children in your care to be disabled?
7. Use the space below to give any additional feedback about our Facebook page.
8. Which town do you live closest to?
9a. Are you...?
9b. Do you identify as a transgender or trans person?
10. Which age group applies to you?