Invitation to submit proposals to establish and operate a new primary academy/free school in Newhaven

Closed 27 Sep 2013

Opened 2 Aug 2013


We would like to invite expressions of interest to be submitted in relation to a proposal to establish a new primary academy/free school on land adjacent to Tideway School, Newhaven by September 2015.

Why We Are Consulting

While yearly births in Newhaven have fluctuated, the general trend has been upward, from 128 in 2001/02 to 177 in 2010/11. Recent and planned new housing in the town also represents another source of pressure on places, which could impact across several year groups.

In reception year shortfalls of up to one form of entry (30 places) are predicted for 2014/15. In subsequent years shortfalls of one or two forms of entry (30 - 60 places) are expected.

We plan to establish a new one form entry (210 places) primary school on land adjacent to Tideway School in Newhaven from September 2015.

The Education Act 2011 changed the arrangements for establishing new schools and introduced section 6A (the academy/free school presumption) to the Education and Inspections Act 2006. Where a Local authority identifies a need for a new school in its area, it must seek proposals to establish the new school as an academy or free school.

Academies and free schools are independent schools not maintained by the Local Authority. However, it remains the Local Authority’s role to plan and secure sufficient school places; therefore it falls to the Local Authority to request proposals from providers who wish to establish and operate the new primary school in Newhaven.

Please see the invitation to submit proposals document below for detailed information about the proposal.

Who makes the final decision and when?

We will assess all proposals received from potential providers and make a recommendation to the DfE on our preferred provider. The Secretary of State will make the final decision on who the approved provider will be.

What Happens Next

The Local Authority has confirmed to the DfE the site it will make available, and that it will provide all capital funding to establish the academy/free school.

The Local Authority is carrying out this period of consultation with groups and organisations that might be interested in establishing a new academy/free school. The consultation sets out the rationale behind the need and indicates the criteria against which proposals will be assessed. The DfE will publish details of the consultation on its website and alert potential providers to the new school’s requirements.

At the end of the consultation period the Local Authority will scrutinise all proposals received and make a judgement on its preferred provider.

A submission will be made to the DfE, which will include all proposals received, with the Local Authority’s preference stated, with reasons for that preference.

The DfE will then further scrutinise each proposal and decide whether the Local Authority’s preference matches with that of the DfE. It will then make a recommendation to the Secretary of State for Education who will make the final decision.

Once a decision has been made, it becomes the responsibility of the approved provider to lead on the establishment of the academy/free school.


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  • Residents of East Sussex
  • Anybody with an interest
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