Have your say on the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment for East Sussex

Closed 1 Jun 2017

Opened 3 Apr 2017

Results Updated 7 Aug 2017

The East Sussex Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment was considered and approved by the Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB) at its 25 July meeting.

To download the PNA please visit the East Sussex Joint Needs Assessment website. The document can be accessed via this link, under the "All ages" section:

Consultation results (taken from p160 of the final draft report)

Formal responses were received from Brighton & Hove City Council, West Sussex County Council and Kent County Council Health and Wellbeing Boards, and from the Local Pharmaceutical Committee. The overall view from statutory consultees was that the 2017 PNA is fit for purpose. Some minor amendments were requested:

  • Clarification if mapping analyses included East Sussex residents accessing pharmaceutical services over the border into their respective counties. (Please see comment 9 in the file below).
  • Naming of towns for ease of use and corrections to the legend in some maps.
  • Clarification of the wording regarding access to a pharmacy during the week and at weekends, and if train journeys were included in the public transport model.
  • Technical observations about what is meant by the term provision of monitored dosing and dispensing appliance contractors.
  • To define the representativeness of the patient survey sample in hard to reach groups more clearly.

There were seven replies to the ESCC online hub. The PNA was presented at a meeting of the East Sussex Seniors Forum and questions were raised on behalf of their respective members.

The following detailed comments were received from statutory organisations, from within ESCC, and from members of the public. The ESCC response to each is summarised in the attachment below.



Every Health and Wellbeing Board in England has a statutory responsibility to publish and update a statement of the need for pharmaceutical services in its area. East Sussex’s first PNA was published in 2014. We therefore needed to agree an updated PNA, covering 2017 to 2020, by July 2017.

We wanted to know what you thought about our draft assessment of the needs of the population of East Sussex for pharmacy services.

The PNA sets out the national context, local population health needs, current service provision, access to services, patient experience and professional feedback. The conclusions and recommendations summarise local need, any gaps and how to improve services.



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