Financial Assessment survey review - People Bank involvement

Closed 31 Jan 2024

Opened 1 Jan 2024


The Finance and Benefits Assessments team at East Sussex County Council made changes to the financial assessment process. They aimed to make financial assessments quicker and easier for clients to complete.

To see if these aims have been achieved, a survey will be used to gather feedback from those who have recently had a financial assessment. We asked two People Bank members to user test the survey, to ensure it was clear, engaging and asking the right questions.

Key things our testers said: How we responded:

1. The overview did not explain what changes were made

2. It was not clear if those who completed a financial assessment on behalf of someone else could participate.

3. It isn’t clear at what point in time clients were being asked about their awareness of client contributions and financial assessments.

4. The term ‘worker’ is too vague, as people see different workers from adult social care.

5. Question asking how long their assessment took is difficult to answer, as it is hard to define exactly when it started.

6. Asking about satisfaction with the time taken for the assessment to be completed is difficult to answer.

7. When asking about a client ‘Outcome letter’, the word outcome feels unclear.

8. It was not asked if the letter was sent in a suitable format for the client.

9. There needs to be a question about people’s overall experience of their assessment, including what worked well and what didn’t.

10. Both user testers felt that the proposal of including a small prize draw was not suitable for this particular survey.

11. One of our People Bank members tested the paper version of the survey. Several changes were suggested for the layout of the introduction page.

12. Should we ask if there were any problems giving information instead of how we could improve clients giving information?

13. Should there be a question asking what way the Finance and Benefits Assessment team contacted clients?

14. Should there be a question asking who told them about needing a financial assessment?

1. Information on the changes made has been added to the introduction.

2. Introduction amended to make clear the survey is for those who complete a financial assessment for themselves or on behalf of someone else.

3. Question reworded to ask if their worker told them about client contributions and financial assessments when discussing receiving support from adult social care.

4. Text added to explain worker could include social worker, resource practitioner or occupational therapist.

5. This question has been removed and existing data will be used to review completion times.

6. Amended question to ask about satisfaction with time taken to receive their results letter.

7. Wording changed from ‘outcome’ to ‘results letter’ throughout the survey.

8. Included the option to feed back on their results letter being in the right format for them.

9. The final question of the survey has been amended, to include asking for any other comments they have about their experience of the financial assessment, including what could be improved.

10. The prize draw has been removed from the survey.

11. Changes to the layout of the paper survey have been made, including position of the alternative format information and order of information in the privacy notice section.

12. This question will remain the same as asking for improvements covers problems clients had, but also includes those who did not face any problems who want to suggest improvements too.

13. Data already exists on how clients are contacted so we will not ask respondents for this. We will always contact people in the way that is noted in their client records as their preferred method of contact.

14. Data already exists on who is generating the referral for a financial assessment for clients, so we will not ask respondents for this.

Thank you for the great insight. It made sure we asked the right questions and made information clearer for those taking part. – Project Manager.



  • All Areas


  • Residents of East Sussex


  • Care and support services (adults)