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Find and participate in consultations in East Sussex. Your responses will help us make decisions on planning, delivering and evaluating services.  

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Open Consultations

  • HAF winter - parents and carers feedback questionnaire

    Government funded Holiday Activity and Food (HAF) We want to make sure the Holiday Food and Fun programme offers enriching activities and is fun. We want to know about you and your child’s experiences in the Holiday Activity and Food programme. We won't identify individuals. ... More

    Closes 21 January 2022

  • HAF winter - Young person's (12 years and under) feedback

    Holiday Activity and Food (HAF) We want to make sure the Holiday Food and Fun programme has good activities and is fun. You can tell us how well we are doing. Your answers will help us make the holiday activities programme even better. We want to make sure... More

    Closes 21 January 2022

  • HAF winter- Young person's (13 years and over) feedback

    We want to make sure the Holiday Food and Fun programme has good activities and is fun. You can tell us how well we are doing. Holiday Food and Fun! HAF Team, East Sussex County Council More

    Closes 21 January 2022

  • Bexhill Road, Ninfield - Extension of the 30mph Speed Limit

    As part of the development of the land at Ingrams Farm, Bexhill Road, Ninfield there is a need to consult on Traffic Regulation Order to extend the existing 30mph speed limit for a distance of 250m southwards of its current location. There will also be new road markings and an existing... More

    Closes 22 January 2022

  • Youth Offending Team how are we doing? Young People's Survey 2022

    Young people’s feedback We want your views about what works well and what could be improved in the Youth Offending Team. This helps us improve how we support young people and their families working with us. For us to know how well we are doing, we... More

    Closes 31 January 2022

Closed Consultations

  • Have your say on school admission arrangements for 2023-24

    This consultation outlines the proposed admissions arrangements for East Sussex community and voluntary controlled schools from September 2023. We are not proposing any changes to the admissions criteria . (See page 2 for more details and the opportunity to... More

    Closed 15 January 2022

  • CZONE user feedback 2021

    As part of our ongoing work to ensure we continuously improve our services, we would appreciate your views on the CZONE website which will need to be replaced next year. We are currently exploring options for the replacement of CZONE and considering whether a dedicated website for sharing... More

    Closed 14 January 2022

  • East Sussex Local Offer Feedback Survey

    ESCC has launched a new East Sussex Local Offer website. Thi s is a site offering information and advice on Children and Young People's Special Educational Needs in East Sussex The website will be available for viewing in test format between now and January 2022. We are inviting... More

    Closed 10 January 2022

  • COMF - Expression of Interest Application Form - February 2022

    February half term holiday provision 2022 - Expression of Interest form Funding is available to enable providers to continue to provide holiday activities and food over the February half term in 2022. Although the funding is from a different source (from the "Contain Outbreak... More

    Closed 9 January 2022

  • Waste and Minerals Revised Policies: Proposed Submission Consultation

    East Sussex County Council, Brighton & Hove City Council and the South Downs National Park Authority (the Authorities) are jointly updating planning policy for the production of minerals, safeguarding minerals facilities and minerals in East Sussex and Brighton & Hove. The update also includes... More

    Closed 4 January 2022

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We asked

Over the summer we consulted on our plans for sexual health services in East Sussex ready for the new contract in October 2022.

The aim was to make sure that the proposed service model would provide easy access to services that meet people’s needs. It was important to hear people’s views as the service model has changed significantly in the last few years due to digital innovation and COVID-19.

You said

People were concerned that some groups of people may find it more difficult to access the service. 

We did

In response to the consultation feedback, the service specification has been adapted to allow two drop-in triage clinics for all ages at each clinic site in Hastings and in Eastbourne. This is in recognition of people who are digitally excluded, do not have phones, or rely on limited phone credit or are genuinely unable to access their GP.

We asked

East Sussex County Council’s SEND team commissioned a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) of the local area to find out what was going well for children, young people and their families and what could be improved. The outcome of the review will help the team, working with partners, to develop a strategy for 2022-24 which puts in place improvements and build on the successes.

You said

We did

After reviewing the current position across education, health and social care provision and services, the JSNA made recommendations for improvements including prioritising prevention, early identification and intervention; improving processes and capacity of services with the longest waiting time for assessment and treatment; and improving access to, and increasing provision for mental health support. The report also highlighted areas where the ISEND service can build on successes including the continuing efforts to ensure the involvement of children, young people and their families in the development of provision and SEND training in schools.

As well as informing the SEND strategy, the outcome of the JSNA will help East Sussex County Council and partners set joint commissioning priorities, ensuring the appropriate support is in place for children and young people across East Sussex.

We asked

We asked if the LCWIP networks connected the right places in the County, alongside asking you about your cycling or walking activity and whether there were any barriers.

You said

You raised several general issues; these are summarised as follows:

  • Strategy – not in alignment with recent DfT guidance, needs greater consideration of disabled people’s needs, links should be made to local plan development sites, the plan should be linked to adjoining authority LCWIP’s.
  • Infrastructure & scheme delivery - shared cycling and walking schemes are generally not supported, road space should not be allocated to active travel due to the risk of causing increased congestion, would like to see more traffic calming and 20mph speed limits, consideration should be given to equestrian users.
  • Safety & training – greater regulation of cyclists, greater training for drivers in relation to consideration of cyclists, more cycle training for people of all ages.
  • Document specifics – maps difficult to read and document too long.

You raised concerns in relation to specific geographic locations.

  • A259 Newhaven – Rottingdean - concerns about the re-allocation of road space to cycling and walking infrastructure on this corridor.
  • Croft Road, Crowborough – concerns raised about the options for pedestrianisation and impact on potential bus routing/bus stop access, deliveries, and traffic flow displacement.
  • Broad Street, Seaford – concerns raised about potential pedestrianisation and impact on access for deliveries to shops and businesses


We did

A summary of the updates to the final LCWIP are: -

  • Greater emphasis on walking 
  • Greater links to Local Plans 
  • Links with Neighbourhood Plans (NP’s) 
  • Commitment to investigate inclusion of schemes that meet with new government strategies and guidance (Gear Change Strategy & LTN 1/20)
  • More emphasis on electric cycles, e-cargo bikes, and cycle parking (especially for electric cycles) 
  • Greater consideration to people with physical and hidden disabilities 
  • Links with leisure and tourism and open space 
  • Inclusion of maintenance for footways/cycleways
  • Additonal information on funding the LCWIP