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  • Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) - Expression of Interest Application Form - Summer 2022 (Round 1)

    Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) Programme 2022 for East Sussex - Expression of Interest Application Form – Summer (Round 1) Please note the link to start the online survey and complete the EOI is at the bottom of this page. This is the first EOI application window for Summer HAF... More

    Closed 22 May 2022

  • A295 South Road/Diplocks Way/Ersham Road junction

    We would like your views on the A295 South Road/Diplocks Way /Ersham Road Junction improvement proposals. The South Road/Ersham Road and South Road/Diplocks Way junctions are important parts of the road network that experience high levels of traffic and congestion,... More

    Closed 20 May 2022

  • HAF Easter 2022 - Young person's (13 years and over) feedback

    We want to make sure the Holiday Food and Fun programme has good activities and is fun. You can tell us how well we are doing. Holiday Food and Fun! HAF Team, East Sussex County Council For more information on how ESCC uses any personal data collected, how it keeps it safe and how... More

    Closed 7 May 2022

  • HAF Easter 2022 - parents and carers feedback questionnaire

    Government funded Holiday Activity and Food (HAF) We want to make sure the Holiday Food and Fun programme offers enriching activities and is fun. We want to know about you and your child’s experiences in the Holiday Activity and Food programme. We won't identify individuals. ... More

    Closed 7 May 2022

  • HAF Easter 2022 - Young person's (12 years and under) feedback

    Holiday Activity and Food (HAF) We want to make sure the Holiday Food and Fun programme has good activities and is fun. You can tell us how well we are doing. Your answers will help us make the holiday activities programme even better. We want to make sure... More

    Closed 6 May 2022

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We asked

East Sussex County Council worked with a range of health, care and voluntary sector partners, to conduct a joint strategic needs assessment (JSNA) for our lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer and other sexual and gender identity minorities (LGBTQ+). We wanted to understand LGBTQ+ local people’s experiences of health, accessing local services and about how COVID-19 has impacted them.

The findings from the survey that formed part of the needs assessment will help us improve services locally.

You said

We did

The JSNA made a wide range of recommendations. These included further engagement with LGBTQ+ communities, to increase the knowledge and uptake of a range of services and to collect further insight on how these communities experience these services. A number of recommendations are also outlined, aimed at increasing inclusion and awareness of LGBTQ+ people and their needs in a wide range of health and care services. The report also made five specific recommendations on Trans healthcare. Finally, recommendations were made in relation to increasing the monitoring and data collection of LGBTQ+ people in services.

We asked

Over the summer we consulted on our plans for sexual health services in East Sussex ready for the new contract in October 2022.

The aim was to make sure that the proposed service model would provide easy access to services that meet people’s needs. It was important to hear people’s views as the service model has changed significantly in the last few years due to digital innovation and COVID-19.

You said

People were concerned that some groups of people may find it more difficult to access the service. 

We did

In response to the consultation feedback, the service specification has been adapted to allow two drop-in triage clinics for all ages at each clinic site in Hastings and in Eastbourne. This is in recognition of people who are digitally excluded, do not have phones, or rely on limited phone credit or are genuinely unable to access their GP.

We asked

East Sussex County Council’s SEND team commissioned a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) of the local area to find out what was going well for children, young people and their families and what could be improved. The outcome of the review will help the team, working with partners, to develop a strategy for 2022-24 which puts in place improvements and build on the successes.

You said

We did

After reviewing the current position across education, health and social care provision and services, the JSNA made recommendations for improvements including prioritising prevention, early identification and intervention; improving processes and capacity of services with the longest waiting time for assessment and treatment; and improving access to, and increasing provision for mental health support. The report also highlighted areas where the ISEND service can build on successes including the continuing efforts to ensure the involvement of children, young people and their families in the development of provision and SEND training in schools.

As well as informing the SEND strategy, the outcome of the JSNA will help East Sussex County Council and partners set joint commissioning priorities, ensuring the appropriate support is in place for children and young people across East Sussex.