Community Mental Health Services survey for service users 2023

Closed 5 May 2023

Opened 11 Apr 2023

Results expected 12 May 2023


East Sussex are recommissioning our community mental health services offered through our community and voluntary partners, and would like you opinions on what works, and what could be done better.

The new services will start in April 2024. We won't have increased funding, so we'd like to make sure that what we do provide gives the best possible value and outcomes for our service users. 

Why your views matter

We want to hear from people who are currently using or have recently used community mental health services in East Sussex, in particular through the Wellbeing Centres.

Your feedback will help to inform how the new services will be delivered from next April. We'd like to hear if you have any ideas on how things can be improved or would like to share things that have worked well for you.

You can complete this survey if you have used these services yourself, or on behalf of someone who you support.

What happens next

This survey is now closed. The information people have been provided will be considered in the review of our services, which are being recommissioned to start in April 2024.


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