NHS Health Check feedback survey review - People Bank Involvement

Closed 5 Apr 2024

Opened 1 Apr 2024



Public Health commissions NHS health checks in East Sussex for certain people aged 40-74. It aims to prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and kidney disease. Those who receive a health check can complete a feedback survey about their experience. Updates to the existing survey have been drafted and in order to ensure they are clear, engaging and asking the right questions, we asked a People Bank member to user test the survey.

Our user tester said: How we responded:

1. Add more answer options to question asking why you were motivated to attend the health check (e.g., being recommended by a friend).

1. Options added including ‘I was recommended by someone’.

2. When asking about satisfaction, it is not clear what is meant by ‘staff knowledge and skills’.

2. This question has been removed and staff knowledge is asked within another relevant question with better context.

3. Add examples of the lifestyle changes that people might discuss.

3. Examples of what lifestyle changes could mean have been added.

4. There is a question missing around whether the respondent made any plan with their practitioner.

4. The question asking about lifestyle changes has been amended to include goals set with staff.

5. Would it be better to use the wording ‘Health MOT’, instead of ‘Health Check’?

5. It is called ‘Health check’ in all the promotion and respondents will have had the ‘health check’, so are unlikely to not be aware what we are asking about. As a result, we will keep the current wording.

6. There is no option to answer GP when asked who carried out their health check.

6. GPs do not complete the NHS health checks themselves, so this option won’t be added, but respondents can tick ‘not sure’ if they cannot find an applicable answer.

7. People may be unsure who provided the health check in their workplace.

7. There is only one provider for workplace health checks, so it is not essential if respondents cannot remember this themselves.

8. When asking about lifestyle changes, use the word ‘suggested’ instead of ‘discussed’.

8. The health check focuses on letting the client be active in decision making. The language needs to reflect this and that suggestions are not forced on the client.

9. The list of support services you could have been referred to is missing lots.

9. Services not on the list require a GP to assess the client and refer them on.

“Thank you for reviewing our new NHS Health Checks patient survey - your feedback has helped focus some of the questions we will use, as well as ensuring we are being as clear as possible” – Project Lead.


  • All Areas


  • Residents of East Sussex


  • Care and support services (adults)