Reviewing the Community Resilience Locality Networks

Closed 14 Aug 2018

Opened 23 Jul 2018

Results Updated 22 Nov 2018

104 people completed a survey. What we learned in the survey was combined with a data review of feedback from all the network meetings that had taken place in the eighteen months since their launch.

The report concluded that the 8 Locality Networks have been meeting the aim originally set out in the Core Principles. Feedback received from both survey respondents and the meeting evaluations demonstrate that attendees value the networks and see them as worthwhile events which have a positive impact on their work and local community. There are areas for development, and now that the original aims are embedded into the network processes, it is a good time to revisit what the networks can and should achieve.


  1. Continue to create time and space to enable discrete networking
  2. Continue to prioritise attracting a wide range of participants from across all sectors
  3. Value and support volunteers
  4. Improve communications
  5. Expand the purpose of the networks to include ‘being action focused’ and explore options to improve links to informing strategy and decision making
  6. Develop digital communications



We wanted to know how well the Locality Networks are working for local people and organisations and what could be done to improve them.

Locality Networks bring together local people, organisations and communities to share knowledge, insight and experience about their locality and the health and care support provided within it. The networks are funded by the Council and co-produced with the voluntary sector.

There are eight networks:

  • Bexhill
  • Eastbourne
  • Hailsham and Polegate
  • Hastings and St Leonards
  • High Weald
  • Lewes & Havens
  • Rural Rother
  • Seaford

Privacy information: This survey is anonymous and we don't ask you to provide any personal information. Please ensure that any comments you provide don't include any names or personal details of you or anyone else. For more information about how your data will be stored and processed by East Sussex County Council please click here.


  • All Areas


  • Businesses
  • Community groups or organisations
  • Voluntary groups or organisations
  • Public sector groups or organisations
  • Faith groups or organisations
  • Staff
  • Providers of services
  • Residents of East Sussex
  • People who use our services


  • Care and support services (adults)
  • Carers support