Assessment and Moderation Early Years, KS1&2 2024 - a survey for schools

Closes 31 Jul 2024

Opened 4 Jun 2024


The East Sussex Assessment Task Group (ATG) wants to gather the views of schools on the 2024 assessment and moderation arrangements across the county, for Early Years and Key Stages 1 and 2.

The Assessment Task Group (ATG) was created to ensure that the local authority discharges its statutory responsibilities to assessment and moderation in a way that meets the guidelines set, but also in ways that work for schools. This involves including schools in the group, but also communicating with the primary and secondary boards, as required.

The ATG approach has provided an open and honest forum for school and local authority staff to discuss and implement changes in assessment processes that suit the needs of the schools yet fulfil statutory requirements.

Why your views matter

The Assessment Task Group's membership is chosen to reflect a cross section of contexts across East Sussex, from small village schools, to larger schools, LA schools and academies, across the primary and secondary phases.

The membership changes over time and the group is eager to ensure the views of all concerned are heard and acted upon, wherever possible.

Please select 'Not applicable' where questions are not relevant to your own experience of these activities this year.


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