New staff feedback survey

Closes 30 Aug 2024

Opened 15 Apr 2024


This survey aims to help us understand your experience being hired by Children’s Services, from finding out about the job to your first weeks in post. We want all candidates to have the chance to show their abilities and skills as fully as possible throughout the process and be provided with ample support to thrive. 

Why your views matter

As part of our continuous improvement work in Children’s Services, we will use this data will help us to learn about how our recruitment processes affect candidates in practice. Your answers will help us make changes to improve support provided, accessibility and inclusion for all future candidates who apply to work for our service. 

All data collected in this survey will be kept confidential and only viewed by the HR Recruitment Team, CSD Recruitment Team and the Organisational Development Team.  We have deliberately not asked for identifiable information in the survey so it is impossible to identify you as an individual from your answers. As such, all analysis will be presented as anonymous when shared and will only be used for service improvement.   

We will survey new staff in Early Help and Social Care for 6 months and analyse all survey responses in September 2024 - the learning and insights will be shared with our Departmental Management Team, HR, recruitment teams within the Council and recruiting managers in Children's Services. 

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