Eastbourne Cycle Routes - Willingdon Drove

Closed 24 Sep 2021

Opened 16 Aug 2021


East Sussex County Council (ESCC) is looking to construct a shared cycle route within the Willingdon Drove area. This route will connect Sevenoaks Road and Kingfisher Drive to the Langney Shopping Centre. A map illustrating the proposed route can be viewed here.

Click here for Drawing 1 - Willingdon Drove - Junction of Sevenoaks Road to the Junction of Kingfisher Road.  This section of the route is mostly on the shared footway.

Willingdon Drove Location 1

Click here for Drawing 2 - Kingfisher Drive – Connects Sevenoaks Road to Kingfisher Road endings at Sandpapers Walk close to Langney Shopping Centre. This section of the route is mostly on the carriageway.

Willingdon Drove Location 2

These works will include the following measures: 

  • Introduction of shared pedestrians/cycle route.
  • Directing cyclists to use the carriageway as part of the route.
  • Widening the existing refuge island at the junction of Sevenoaks Road and Willingdon Drove.
  • Some sections of the route will require widening the existing footway.
  • Some sections of the route will require carriageway works in order to facilitate the cycle route.
  • Relocation of the existing crash barrier to the back of the footway on the corner of Willingdon Drove and Sevenoaks Road.
  • Installation of new street lighting columns and upgrading the existing lanterns.
  • Installation of new road markings and pedestrian/cycling road signs.
  • Please note that as part of this cycle scheme, there are currently no plans to remove any on street parking.

Click here to go to the homepage for Eastbourne Cycle Routes.

Why your views matter

We would like to seek your views on the proposed design and route of the Willingdon Drove shared cycle route.


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