Hastings borough (West Hill area) - Resident Parking Scheme 2019 - initial consultation

Closed 12 Apr 2019

Opened 22 Mar 2019

Results Updated 20 May 2019

We were asked to consult on the introduction of a permit parking scheme in the West Hill area of Hastings.

Feedback from the consultation shows that there is an overwhelming majority of people who do not want this to be introduced. A copy of the report showing a summary of the responses is available below.

Permit schemes are only introduced where there is support from local residents and businesses. Following the results of this survey we will not be progressing with this scheme.

Thank you for contributing to this consultation.



Last year we received a petition requesting the introduction of a resident only permit parking scheme in your area. This is because of parking difficulties caused by local workers, businesses, and other visitors leaving their vehicles parked all day.

We want to seek your views on parking in your road and whether you would support the introduction of a resident only permit parking scheme.

The proposed scheme will operate Monday to Saturday between 9am and 8pm. Each qualifying household will be able to purchase up to two annual resident permits, expected to cost £75 for the first permit and £125 for the second.

Each household can buy up to 100 visitor permits each year costing 80p each for a two hour permit or £2 each for a five hour permit, even if they do not hold a resident parking permit themselves.

Visitor permits are available in books of ten and are not transferable, exchangeable, or refundable.

Non permit holders will not be able to park during the hours of operation.

Why We Are Consulting

We are asking for your views on the proposal.

We are still at an early stage and no decisions have yet been made. We would like to know if you think the introduction of such a scheme would be beneficial to your area and your comments will help us reach a decision about whether to proceed with the proposal.

If a majority of responses to this consultation are in favour of a permit scheme we will draw up detailed plans and consult with you again in May 2019 before any formal changes are advertised.

We believe that parking schemes are beneficial to residents and businesses but there are some points you should be aware of:

  • There will be no free all-day parking for non permit holders.
  • Money raised will pay for administration, enforcement and maintenance costs of the scheme, any surplus has to be spent on improving transport facilities in the area.
  • Preventing dangerous, obstructive and inconsiderate parking often improves traffic flow around the area.
  • There will be better access for emergency vehicles and public transport.
  • There will be improved safety for all road users and reduced congestion from circulating traffic.
  • The total amount of space available for parking may be reduced as yellow lines may be needed near junctions.  
  • Permit and time restrictions will only apply during the hours of control. The number of permits issued will be limited and depending on demand a waiting list may be operated.
  • Having a permit will not guarantee a parking space.
  • Not all properties will be eligible for a permit, such as properties on private roads or developments with off street parking.

East Sussex County Council takes data protection seriously. For further information please see the Privacy Notices at the bottom of this page.

What Happens Next

After the closing date of 12 April 2019 we will process all responses.

Depending on the level of support for the proposals we will decide one of the following ways forward.

  1. If there is a low level of support for the proposals there will be no further action.
  2. If there are a high number of suggested alternatives, these will be considered. We will then change the proposals before undertaking formal consultation.
  3. If there is a high level of support for the proposals, detailed plans will be drawn up and further consultation will take place. If this further consultation shows that the majority of local addresses support the introduction of the scheme, a draft Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) will be written and advertised allowing 21 days for formal consultation. If there are no objections the restrictions will be introduced and the draft TRO made permanent. If objections are received, we will need to consider these and present a report to Planning Committee for a decision.




  • Hastings


  • Anyone from any background


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