Have your say on a proposal to reduce the Published Admission Number (intake) at Ninfield CE Primary School

Closes 21 Mar 2018

Opened 8 Feb 2018


We would like to hear your views on a proposal to reduce the admission number at Ninfield CE Primary School for the 2019 – 20 school year.

We recommend that you read the letter sent to parents of children at Ninfield CEP School in the 'related documents' for the full details.

Why We Are Consulting

For many years Ninfield CE Primary School has had a Published Admission Number (PAN) of 20 for its reception intake.  This reflects the accommodation at the school.

The Council has been working with Ninfield CE Primary School regarding a significant build project to replace two temporary classrooms with permanent accommodation. There has been a significant escalation in the cost over and above the budget agreed for the project. The increase in cost means that the project is no longer affordable and the Council has had to take the difficult decision to halt the project.

The Council cannot secure further planning permission for the temporary classrooms and they will need to be removed. The implication of this is that the school will, over time, be required to reduce in size so that all children can be accommodated in the four classrooms in the main building.

Although a reduction in the PAN will result in fewer places being available at the school, our pupil forecasts show that there should continue to be sufficient capacity at the school to serve children living in the Ninfield community area.

What Happens Next

The Council is the decision maker for this proposal. This is not a referendum but all of the views expressed during the consultation period, together with other sources of information, will be used to inform the decision.

The decision in respect of the PAN for Ninfield will be made at the Lead Member meeting on 29 March 2018. 

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