Have your say on school admission arrangements for 2021-22

Closed 15 Jan 2020

Opened 11 Nov 2019


This consultation outlines the proposed admissions arrangements for community and voluntary controlled schools from September 2021.

We are not proposing any changes to the admissions criteria. (See page 2 for more details and the opportunity to comment).  Priory School, Lewes and Hailsham Community College’s criteria mirror that of the local authority. They will consider any comments made through this consultation.

There is a proposal to increase the planned admission number at Willingdon Community School. (Please read "Proposed admission numbers" found further down this page. You can comment on page 3)

The proposed co-ordination schemes for admission to primary and secondary school is included. (Please read the DRAFT co-ordinated schemes in the 'Related' section below before commenting on page 4)

We are proposing two changes to community areas in the primary sector. (You will find more details on pages 5 & 6 where you’ll be able to leave your comments)

We would particularly welcome your views on the above aspects of our proposals although all comments are welcomed on any element of the arrangements.

Why We Are Consulting

This survey outlines the Authority's proposed admissions arrangements for the 2021-22 school year. Consultation begins on Monday 11 November 2019 and ends on Wednesday 15 January 2020 which satisfies the duty to consult for at least six weeks.

We strongly recommend that you read the 'Related' documents with care to fully understand the proposals.

What Happens Next

Once we've consulted, the admission arrangements for primary and secondary community and voluntary controlled schools for the 2021-22 school year will be finalised and subsequently published in line with statutory guidelines.


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