Junction Road, St. Leonards on Sea - Prohibition of Driving Order

Closed 27 Aug 2021

Opened 6 Aug 2021


The proposed Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) seeks to prohibit motorised vehicles from driving along the length of Junction Road between its existing junction with The Ridge West, southwards for a distance of 103m. The formal order will not come into effect until the Queensway Gateway Road scheme (permitted under planning application HS/FA/00832) has been successfully connected with the A21. Junction Road will be stopped up through physical works at both its northern and southern ends. Cycle and pedestrian connectivity will remain in place and access will be allowed for maintenance vehicles through the introduction of a retractable bollard located from the south. The extent of the Prohibition of Driving Order, including the physical works associated with restricting vehicular movements, are shown on TRO Plan 13345-CRH-XX-DR-D-6450 P2

The Queensway Gateway Road is considered an important section of the local highway network which will provide a direct connection from Queensway (from the west) to the A21 (to the east). Due to the strategic nature of the road, it is considered that motor vehicles should be encouraged to use this route. It is therefore proposed to prohibit the driving of motorised vehicles along Junction Road to prevent this becoming a local short cut onto the A21, which can currently cause congestion along The Ridge West due to the conflicting right turn movements into and out of Junction Road. The reasons for proposing the TRO are:

1) The Queensway Gateway Road will provide a significant local connection between the A21 (Sedlescombe Road North) Bexhill Hastings Link Road, via Queensway) and as a consequence will is considered an appropriate route for vehicles wishing to travel from The Ridge West and the A21;

2) The proposed route will allow a smoother free-flow of traffic between The Ridge West and the A21 as existing turning movements into and out of Junction Road will be prohibited resulting in a more reliable journey time for this section of the road network;

3) The Stopping Up / Prohibition of Driving into Junction Road will reduce unnecessary slowing, stopping and braking of vehicles, which could present a highway safety issue and increase the potential for rear end shunt collisions;

4) The prevention of vehicles using Junction Road was proposed as part of the wider scheme relating to the Queensway Gateway Road. The prohibition of driving order will provide the appropriate mechanism for preventing motorised vehicles from utilising Junction Road.

The consultation opens on 6th August 2021 and close on 27 August 2021

All comments need to be recived by the closing date

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After the closing date of 27 August 2021 we will process all responses.

If there are objections we will try to resolve them, if they can't be resolved we will need to present a report to the planning commitee.


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