Lewes Car Parks review

Closed 1 Jul 2016

Opened 10 Jun 2016


We are proposing changes to some of the car parks in Lewes and are doing this with a change to the relevant traffic regulation order.

The general effect of the Order is as follows:-

County Hall Car Parks

  • The times of operation in County Hall car parks is proposed to be changed from 8am - 6pm to 8am - 5pm. This is a technical change to regularise the Order so that the Order reflects the existing signs and times of operation.
  • Virtual permits are to be introduced to County Hall East and West Car Parks meaning no paper permits will be issued.
  • Car Share bays are proposed to be changed from 8am-10am to 8am-9.30am. The driver and passenger of the vehicle must register via a virtual booking system that they have parked in a Car Share bay during the times of operation
  • The 2 hour maximum stay bays in County Hall West Car Park are proposed to be changed to 3 hours maximum stay.
  • New parking bays are proposed to be introduced in County Hall West Car Park for East Sussex County Council liveried buses.
  • The controlled area in County Hall East Car Park is proposed to include the area outside the print room.


Phoenix Causeway Car Park and Lower Place North Car Park

Changes are proposed to include a provision for electric vehicle bays.


Market Lane Car Park

The controlled area in Market Lane Car Park is proposed to include the area on the southern side of Market Lane




Why your views matter

The proposals will help to address changes in staffing levels in County Hall, will formalise the provision of electric vehicle charging bays in Phoenix Causeway and Lower Place North car parks, and will also include the currently uncontrolled area on the southern side of Market Lane.

We want to hear your views on these proposals and your contribution to the consultation will help us reach a decision about whether to proceed with the proposals.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to this consultation.

What happens next

After the closing date of 1 July 2016 all responses to the consultation will be carefully considered and we will try to resolve any objections.

If we cannot resolve the objections we will present a report to the planniing committee. The committee will then make a decision whether to install the proposals as advertised, or to amend or withdraw the proposals.

We expect this planning committee meeting to take place in either August or September.


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