Loading Bays Eastbourne

Closed 7 Apr 2014

Opened 17 Mar 2014


We have received requests to review how the loading bays in Eastbourne are being used.

Loading bays allow businesses and customers to load and unload goods without disrupting traffic. We have been asked to change some of these bays so that they can be better utilised, for example by being used by taxis in the evening, by being restricted to goods vehicles only, or by changing the times of operation to allow free evening parking.    

Why your views matter

We would like to hear your feedback on how loading bays are used in Eastbourne. 

What happens next

After the closing date we will process and analyse all received responses.

If there is a high level of response asking for changes to the loading bays we will propose a draft Traffic Regulation Order (TRO). The TRO is the legal document which allows changes to parking, waiting, and loading restrictions and will allow a 28 day formal consultation period.

If there is a low level of response asking for change there will be no further action.


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