Neill's Close - Resident Parking Scheme 2017 - informal consultation

Closed 22 Dec 2017

Opened 1 Dec 2017


Earlier this year we received a petition requesting the introduction of a resident only permit parking scheme in Neill’s Close.

This was because of parking difficulties caused by local workers, businesses, and other visitors leaving their vehicles parked all day.

The proposed resident only permit parking scheme will operate on Monday to Saturday between 8am and 6pm. Although any member of public can park outside these times, the proposal will prevent all day parking by non-permit holders. Blue badge holders will be able to park free of charge.

Each qualifying household will be able to purchase up to two annual resident permits, expected to cost £25 for the first permit and £75 for the second.

Each household can buy up to 100 visitor permits each year costing 90p each (residents who are housebound can buy up to 150 permits costing 40p each), even if they do not hold a resident parking permit themselves.

Visitor permits are available in books of ten and are not transferable, exchangeable, or refundable.




Why We Are Consulting

We are asking for your views on the proposal.

If a majority of responses are in favour of a permit scheme we will draw up detailed plans and consult again in April 2018 before any formal changes are made.

The review is at an early stage and no decisions have been made. We would like to know if you think the introduction of such a scheme would be beneficial to your area and your comments will help us reach a decision about whether to proceed with the proposal.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to this consultation.

What Happens Next

After the closing date of 22 December 2017 we will process all responses.

Depending on the level of support for the proposals we will decide one of the following ways forward.

  1. If there is a low level of support for the proposals there will be no further action.
  2. If there are a high number of suggested alternatives, these will be considered. We will then change the proposals before undertaking formal consultation.
  3. If there is a high level of support for the proposals, detailed plans will be drawn up and further consultation will take place. If this further consultation shows that the majority of local addresses support the introduction of the scheme, a draft Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) will be written and advertised allowing 21 days for formal consultation. If there are no objections the restrictions will be introduced and the draft TRO made permanent. If objections are received, we will need to consider these and present a report to Planning Committee for a decision.




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  • Anybody with an interest


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