Tell us about using pharmacy services when you have a hearing impairment (PNA 2020)

Closed 17 Jan 2020

Opened 6 Dec 2019


If you have a hearing impairment or care for someone who does, we want to know what you think about local pharmacy services. 

In particular, we want to know if your communication needs are being met by your pharmacy and any ideas you have for improving pharmacy services for people with a hearing impairment and their carers.

How to take part

You can fill in our short online survey or you can email your comments to

If you need this information in another format or you need help to take part please contact us via the details on the right.

Why We Are Consulting

Every three years we are required to carry out a Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA). The PNA helps us to plan for the future and ensure that local pharmacies offer high quality and accessible services. It is also used by NHS England to decide whether new pharmacies can be opened in an area.

One of the ways we find out about pharmacy services is through a telephone survey of 2,000 people living in East Sussex. To ensure that all residents have an equal chance of being surveyed, telephone numbers are selected at random. We use the survey to hear from people about their awareness, experience and views of pharmacy services.

People with a hearing impairment may be unable to take part in the telephone survey or find it much harder to take part. Last time we reviewed the PNA we were able to gain valuable insight into people's experiences of using pharmacies with a hearing impairment through a short online survey like this one.

Privacy information: This survey is anonymous and we don't ask you to provide any personal information. Please ensure that any comments you provide don't include any names or personal details of you or anyone else. For more information about how your data will be stored and processed by East Sussex County Council please click here.


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