Living well in East Sussex

Closed 18 Sep 2022

Opened 8 Aug 2022

Results updated 7 Mar 2023

Thank you for sharing your views with us.

More than 500 people gave us their views in our ‘Living Well in East Sussex’ survey as well as through East Sussex County Council’s regular ‘Listening to You’ survey. Thank you for sharing your views with us.

Your opinions are helping us to develop a long-term plan, an adult social care strategy, for East Sussex.

We asked you what was important to live a good life and things that you might want to change or improve.

What the surveys told us

We’ve analysed the survey results, and the important things for most people were:

  1. Having the right care in the right place at the right time
  2. Information and communication about care and support
  3. Cost of living and cost of care, now and in the future
  4. A suitable home
  5. Personal connections with others
  6. Group activities, hobbies and volunteering

Based on these six key priorities, we then organised a range of focus groups to explore these areas, finding out why they’re important and how services and communities could help enable people to live their best lives.

Now we’re discussing these priorities with council staff, care and support providers, the NHS and the council’s other partners.  We have held workshops with local decision-makers and experts before starting to bring everything we’ve heard together and agree our response to the priorities of local people.

What’s next

We will then develop a long-term plan that has people and their needs at its heart and is specific to East Sussex. This will reflect what people have told us is important and provide a clear direction for how services and community assets can help us deliver that plan.

We expect to publish the plan in the summer of 2023.

If you’d like more information, or provide further feedback on the six priorities we have identified for our plan, you can email us.


October update: We’ve extended the deadline of our Prize Draw submissions to allow for focused survey responses from specific stakeholder groups. If you have any questions, please contact us via the details on this webpage. Further information on the outcomes of the survey will be made available in due course.

Do you have experience of using adult social care in East Sussex? 

Whether you have lots of experience or none at all, we want to hear from you.

Your thoughts on what’s important and how we can support you to live well in East Sussex will help us to develop our long-term plan, our strategy, for adult social care in the county.

To understand what really matters to you, we’ve created this survey.

We’re keen that lots of people take part: this will give us a better understanding of your different experiences.  To encourage people to fill in the survey, we’re offering everyone who completes it, a chance to win one of four £25 retail vouchers in our prize draw (terms and conditions). 

Why we are developing an adult social care strategy

Long-term funding, a workforce crisis and recovery from COVID-19 are just three of the challenges facing adult social care.

But there are also opportunities:

Our strategy will describe the priorities for adult social care in East Sussex and provide direction for services, staff and stakeholders.  People who draw on care and support, their carers and their families will have a clearer understanding of what to expect from adult social care.

The starting point for the strategy is to identify what is most important to local people - which is where you come in, telling us what matters to you … and how we can support you to lead a fulfilling life. 

If you don't need the survey in an alternative format or language then you are ready to share your views - please just scroll down till you see the headline: Give us your views. 

Alternative formats and languages

An easy read version is available to download below. To request a printed copy in the post just get in touch. If you would like any other help understanding this information - for example, if you would like to request it in an alternative format or language - please contact or phone 01273 481565. 

If you share your address with us so we can post a paper survey to you, your address will not be retained for any other purpose. 


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