Closed 26 May 2017

Opened 28 Apr 2017


Bexhill Early Excellence Hub is a collection of schools and early years providers who come together with a shared aim to deliver the highest quality early education and care of all the children who attend their settings.

As you may be aware, from September 2017 some working parents of three and four year olds will be entitled 1,140 hours of free childcare a year – this works out at 30 hours a week over 38 weeks (normal school terms) and so you may have heard it referred to as “30 hours free childcare”.   However the entitlement can be spread out over the year if there is childcare provision available. 

The members of the Bexhill Early Excellence Hub are working together to plan how the needs of parents can be met across the area whilst continuing to maintain current high standards of education and care.

Why your views matter

In preparation for the introduction of this new entitlement from September 2017, we are asking all our existing parents and those who may be thinking of using childcare to help us plan for the changes by completing a short survey.  The survey asks about your current childcare arrangements, whether or not you are likely to be entitled to the new extended offer, and whether or not you plan to take it up. 

We appreciate that your circumstances may have changed by September 2017 and therefore the information you give us will not be used to decide whether or not you will get a place but will be used to help us plan places, staffing arrangements, changes to fees etc.

We know that some of you may have kindly contributed to previous surveys but would ask that you still complete this so that we can update our information.


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