Coram Voice follow up questions

Closes 12 Sep 2024

Opened 25 Jun 2024


Do you feel like no one is listening to you?

Well, let us introduce ourselves, we are the Children in Care Council (CiCC). We are a small group who work with social workers and the Virtual School for Children in Care plus some others to potentially improve things for you. We are all in care like you and come from different backgrounds and ages. 

Some of the things we have done recently is to improve things are to update the Children in Care Pledge that the council have agreed to and developed a backpack project.

There are over 600 children in care just in East Sussex and if you complete this optional survey you could be helping to make a difference to you and potentially a lot of others. If you don't have the time then that is fine too.

We will be presenting all the answers to the Director of Children Services and other people high up who can make decisions.

Thank you for reading our message.

The Children in Care Council

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