East Sussex Local Offer Survey (2024)

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Closes 31 Dec 2024

East Sussex Local Offer Survey (2024)

Please answer as many questions as possible, providing as much detail as you can.

Related information

  • SEND is a commonly used term when Special Educational Needs and Disabilities is shortened.
  • You can visit the East Sussex Local Offer information site at https://localoffer.eastsussex.gov.uk/
  • You can visit the East Sussex Local Offer directory, on 1Space, at 1space.eastsussex.gov.uk/localoffer
  • You can email localoffer@eastsussex.gov.uk if you have any questions regarding this survey
1. Please let us know a little bit about yourself. Are you a:
2. Did you know about the Local Offer before starting this survey?

If you answered yes, where did you hear about it?

3. Do you use any assistive technology when using a website?
4. Was the website easy to navigate and could you find the information you needed?
5. Do you feel the information on the website is useful?
6. What are your thoughts about the overall look of the site? (including illustrations)
7. Are there any areas of the website that you believe require improvement? (please write down what they are and try to be as specific as possible)
8. What do you like about the website? Are there any parts of the website that you feel are particularly good or informative?
9. Is there any SEND information you think we could add to the site, that we don't provide already?
10. Did you know the Local Offer also includes a directory, on 1Space?

You can visit the directory at 1space.eastsussex.gov.uk/localoffer

11. If you would like to suggest a SEND-specific service for us to list on our directory that other East Sussex residents would benefit from knowing about, please list them in the box below: