Top 10 Tips for Parents/carers on Emotional Wellbeing: Young People Survey

Closes 7 Jun 2019

Opened 6 May 2019



YOUNG PEOPLE SURVEY: Your Views about Parents and Carers' support of the young people in their care's emotional wellbeing

Young people in East Sussex have said that they want to raise awareness among parents and carers about how to  support their children's emotional wellbeing.  

East Sussex Youth Cabinet and Seaford Youth Forum are creating an information campaign for parents and carers to help them better support their children’s emotional wellbeing. It will include some 'top tips’ to tell parents and carers about existing information and give practical advice.

To help them  identify what tips would be helpful and how best to promote them, they want to understand what you think about these issues now.

This is your chance to get involved and give your views, which will help to shape our information campaign, launching in autumn 2019.

The survey is made up of 13 questions, plus 8 'About You' Questions

Please complete by Friday 7th June

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