A295 South Road/Diplocks Way/Ersham Road junction

Closed 20 May 2022

Opened 25 Apr 2022


We would like your views on the A295 South Road/Diplocks Way/Ersham Road Junction improvement proposals.

The South Road/Ersham Road and South Road/Diplocks Way junctions are important parts of the road network that experience high levels of traffic and congestion, particularly at peak times. The need for an improvement to the junctions was initially identified in the Movement and Access Strategy for Hailsham and Hellingly (MASHH) that was published in 2012.

Without any layout improvements at these junctions, forecasts suggest that the junctions would not be able to cope with anticipated future traffic growth across the South Wealden area.

If we don’t do anything journeys will take longer, congestion will increase, affecting access to and from Hailsham town centre as well as the Diplocks Industrial Estate, and potentially traffic will be diverted onto local roads which are unsuitable for higher levels of traffic. In addition, this will further impact on journey times and reliability of bus services passing through the junction linking Hailsham to Polegate and Eastbourne.

To develop potential solutions, significant data has been collected, particularly on traffic volumes and movements. This data has been used to analyse and redesign the junction to improve operation and to provide future capacity for the projected growth until 2028.

The proposed solution consolidates the two junctions into a single four arm roundabout junction. This forms part of the wider package of transport improvements identified to support the housing and employment growth in the Hailsham area. The wider package includes the three junction improvements on the A22 Hailsham Bypass at Boship roundabout, Hempstead Lane and Eagles roundabout that were consulted upon in summer 2021.

For further information on the local context, scheme development and the proposed solution, see our consultation brochure.

Brochure: A295 South Road/Diplocks Way/Ersham Road junction

Overview map

Why your views matter

Please tell us what you think of the following proposals:

The proposed revised layout would provide a single roundabout junction as a replacement for the existing South Road/Ersham Road mini roundabout and South Road/Diplocks Way T-junction.

Two lane entry and exits would be provided on the South Road arms (northbound and southbound). The entry from Ersham Road onto the roundabout would also be two lanes with one lane exit. The entry and exit from the Diplocks Way arms would be one lane. The roundabout has been designed to ensure that all sizes of vehicles up to heavy goods vehicles and low loader trailers can move safely around the junction.

Pedestrian and parallel cycle crossings would be introduced on Diplocks Way, Ersham Road and South Road (north only). These crossings provide increased access through the junction for non-motorised users and allow connection to other pedestrian and cycle routes in the town, including the Cuckoo Trail.

The introduction of the proposed roundabout requires the land currently designated village green. An application is currently being considered by the Planning Inspectorate to deregister this land as village green with alternative provision having already been provided in south Hailsham immediately adjacent to the Cuckoo Trail. The new roundabout would require the repositioning of the electricity substation currently located on the corner of the existing junction, the electicity substation would be relocated to an area within the existing village green.

In addition, access to The Old Bricklayers residential properties would be realigned for access onto the roundabout. The new access arrangement would allow access to all properties from all directions at the roundabout.

The existing access to the petrol station would be retained. Access to the garage would still be through the access to the east, allowing for both right and left turn access. The existing exit on to South Road will be retained as a left-out only, with southbound traffic directed through the existing exit onto Diplocks Way.

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What happens next

This survey is anonymous, although we do ask you to complete an optional ‘about you’ section at the end. Please ensure that any comments you make don’t include any names or personal details of you or anyone else. For more information about why we collect ‘about you’ information and how the data will be stored and processed by East Sussex County Council please go to: eastsussex.gov.uk/privacy/ about-you-survey. Once the survey results have been analysed we will share the results on our website.

Paper copies of this survey are available at East Sussex County Council (County Hall), Wealden District Council (Council Offices, Hailsham) and Eastbourne Borough Council (Town Hall, Eastbourne).

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