Hastings – Pedestrian and Cycling Improvement Scheme

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Closes 9 Dec 2019

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Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice: East Sussex Highways takes data protection seriously. Please be assured that your information will be used appropriately in line with data protection legislation, will be stored securely and will not be processed unless the requirements for fair and lawful processing can be met. Please see the website link for further information: www.eastsussexhighways.com/privacy-notice-eshconsultations

All responses received will be treated in the strictest confidence; the Council will use the responses from this questionnaire for research purposes only.

We are asking these questions as we want to make sure that we have a representative view of the proposals from residents, businesses and stakeholder groups.

1. Are you...

If business or other, please provide details:

2. Please provide your postcode. (It will not be used to identify you)