Lodge Hill Lane, Ditchling

Closed 19 Mar 2014

Opened 26 Feb 2014


Following concerns from residents and a local Councillor that persistent parking on the verges within Lodge Hill Lane has caused damage to the verges, we are proposing to make the area a restricted parking zone with no waiting at any time.

This means clear signage on the entry to and the exit from the area with smaller repeater signs.

Why your views matter

We want to hear residents views to on our proposals to improve safety.

What happens next

After the closing date of 19 March 2014 we will process all received responses.

Depending on the level of support for the proposals we will decide one of the following ways forward

1. If there is a low level of support for the proposals there will be no further action.

2. If there are a high number of suggested alternatives, these will be considered and we will undertake another survey before proceeding.

3.  If there is a high level of support for the proposals a draft Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) will be written and advertised allowing 28 days for formal consultation. If there are no objections the restrictions will be introduced and the draft TRO ‘made’.

4. If objections are received, we would need to consider  these and present a report to    Planning Committee who will decide if the draft TRO and introducing the restrictions should proceed or not.



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