New Footway Warrs Hill Lane Chailey

Closed 29 Apr 2016

Opened 11 Apr 2016


We would like to hear your views on our proposal to introduce a new footway along Warrs Hill Lane, Chailey between New Heritage Way and the A275.

The introduction of the new footway is linked to the planning conditions associated with the New Heritage Way housing development.

To help mitigate the impact of car traffic associated with the development, funding was secured to provide a safe walking route for residents to access existing footway links to local services and public transport.

How to take part:

From Monday 11 April 2016 you can take part in our online survey. 

Please give us your views by Friday 29 April 2016.

Why your views matter

The proposed new 1.5 metre wide footway would be situated on the western side of Warrs Hill Lane and would be approximately 600 metres in length. The first 75 metres of the footway from the A275 junction would be situated next to the road and would be kerbed and have a tarmac surface. The remaining length of footway would be situated between the road verge and the Common fencing and would be timber edged with a recycled granular surface. The footway would be suitable for use by pedestrians, those with pushchairs and mobility scooters.

To facilitate access to the new footway we would introduce an informal crossing point at the junction with New Heritage Way consisting of dropped kerbs and tactile paving.

The majority of the land between the road verge and the Common fencing is Common Land and therefore we require consent from the Secretary of State to carry out the works. However, before we apply for consent, we are required to consult with interested parties to seek views on the proposed footway.

We would like to hear your views on our proposal to introduce the new footway. Your views will help us to refine the proposal.

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What happens next

Subject to the results of the consultation exercise with interested parties, we will be applying to the Planning Inspectorate for consent in summer 2016.

Depending on the outcomes of the application, which may take up to six months to assess, the earliest we could construct the footway is summer 2017.


  • Lewes


  • Anyone from any background


  • Economic development
  • Planning
  • Parks and green spaces
  • Safer Communities
  • Road safety
  • Public Transport