Victoria Drive Zebra Crossing

Closed 5 Nov 2018

Opened 12 Oct 2018


East Sussex Highways, have been commissioned to review pedestrian crossing facilities at the junctions of Victoria Drive/Green Street and Victoria Drive/Eldon Road.

Green Street/Victoria Drive- Zebra Crossing

Following site visits, pedestrian and vehicle surveys and a review of crash data and vehicle turning analysis, several options were considered for improving pedestrian access at this junction.


Initial design consideration was given to the introduction of a controlled ‘push button’ pedestrian crossing facility. However, such a facility cannot be introduced within 20 metres of a side road and ensure adequate visibility for pedestrians crossing and vehicles when turning at junctions. A review of possible locations indicated that a crossing could not be placed in between the exit and entrance of Sainsbury’s, off Victoria Drive. Introducing a push button pedestrian crossing at this location has a range of impacts. Specifically, the bus stop in Green Street would have to be relocated, several on street parking bays which would need to be removed to allow appropriate visibility of the crossing to both pedestrians and approaching vehicles and the introduction of the crossing at this location would create increased congestion at these Green Street and Milton Road junctions.

Consideration was also given to introducing a pedestrian ‘push button’ crossing facility north of the junction of Beechy Avenue/Victoria Drive. However pedestrian movement surveys indicated that 73% of pedestrians exiting Beechy Avenue head towards Green Street or south to Victoria Drive. It is believed that the majority of pedestrians from Beechy Avenue would not be willing to cross Victoria Avenue and Milton Road to access the shops on Green Street. This location would also require the removal of existing on street parking and the north bound bus stop.

In light of the difficulties to introducing a push-button pedestrian crossing at this location, the preferred option will be to refresh the existing road markings and flashing lights known as ‘Belisha Beacons’. Red coloured ‘anti-skid’ road surfacing will also be applied on the approach to the junction and additional advanced road signage will be put in place. These changes will encourage drivers to give greater consideration to the crossing and adjust their speed and expectations as they approach the junction.

Victoria Drive /Eldon Road

The existing zebra crossing facility at this location is showing early signs of deterioration and would benefit from enhancement. It is good practice that pedestrian crossings in close proximity are of a similar style and appearance; therefore, it is proposed that the enhancement work at this crossing would reflect the enhancement of the zebra crossing at Victoria Drive/Green Street.

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