Budget and priorities for East Sussex

Closes 10 Dec 2023


Next year we will spend more than £500 million of your money on public services for East Sussex.

This includes...

  • caring for children and adults who need particular protection or support
  • maintenance of roads, pavements, cycleways, footpaths, bridges and street lighting
  • providing libraries, household waste and recycling sites and other community services
  • support for education
  • developing our economy
  • public health and community safety
  • investing in voluntary services

...and much more.

Money and other resources are very limited and spending always involves difficult choices. It's vital we put our resources where they will have the greatest effect for people in East Sussex. 

So before we set the spending for each year, we review our priorities to ensure they're right for our county and the people who live, work or visit here. 

We'd like to ask you if you think we have the right priorities and if you agree with our overall spending plans. 

What you tell us will help shape the priorities and budget for East Sussex in 2024/25.