East Sussex BSIP Bus Priority Measures

Closed 25 Sep 2023

Opened 31 Jul 2023



The bus priority measures being proposed in this consultation form part of the  East Sussex Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP), which sets out our ambitious plans to improve the bus network across East Sussex and provide a cleaner, reliable alternative to car travel. The BSIP focusses on enhancing the bus network within East Sussex to complement and support wider transport investment across the country, encouraging a sustainable mode shift towards bus usage. 

About the Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) 

The BSIP actively addresses the National Bus Strategy and sets out our plans to improve bus services, working in close cooperation with neighbouring Local Transport Authorities, bus operators, community and business voices, bus passengers, and the voluntary and health transport sector. Through the BSIP we will deliver bus service improvements, bus stop improvements and bus priority measures.  

The aims of the BSIP are to: 

  • Improve the reliability and punctuality of bus services and explore methods to make bus services more accessible. 

  • Encourage an increase in the proportion of people travelling by bus. 

  • Enhance the bus network, reducing journey times and improving reliability and punctuality of bus services. 

  • Increase bus usage across the county by building a bus network that meets everyone's needs. 

  • Complement and support wider transport investment across the country. 

The East Sussex BSIP will ensure that residents and visitors enjoy the highest possible quality bus services that provide a frequent and comprehensive choice, reduce congestion and make a positive contribution to the community, better air quality and decarbonisation. 

About the Bus Priority Measures 

The aim of the proposed measures is to make bus journeys quicker, more efficient and reliable. Through introducing dedicated spaces for walking and cycling, we also want to improve the safety, convenience and attractiveness of these journeys, and help encourage more people to travel on foot, by bike, and use the bus.  

The proposals cover the following areas:  

  • Eastbourne 

  • Newhaven  

  • Peacehaven 

The proposals have been split into two packages of schemes, based on their geographical location. A detailed overview of the proposals is provided in the consultation brochure. We have also produced an easy read version which can be found here.

Paper copies of the brochure will be available at all public consultation events.  

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing. Please download the PDF.

We want your views on the proposed bus priority measures. Your views are important to us, and this public consultation is an opportunity to provide feedback and comments on the current proposals to help shape the subsequent development stages.  

The proposed scheme designs are still under development, and the proposals could change depending on the feedback recieved through the consultation exercise. 

Why are the improvements needed? 

In East Sussex, the number of journeys made by bus has been in decline since 2014.  The East Sussex BSIP is an ambitious plan that seeks to stimulate and drive significant improvements to local bus services across the local authority area. These improvements are intended to: 

  • Recover bus usage from the Covid-19 pandemic, taking account of consequential changes in travel patterns, and to increase usage significantly in future years; 

  • See a step change in local transport provision delivered to current and new bus users; 

  • Seek to readdress the balance in modal share between private and public transport; increase bus mode share; and 

  • Tackle vehicle emission and climate change concerns. 

The BSIP actively addresses the National Bus Strategy's requirements to work together at pace to increase bus patronage: both to build it back after the pandemic and then to increase it further and increase the number of journeys made by bus.  

The results from a 2018 Bus Passenger Survey identified ‘bus punctuality’ and ‘journey times’ as factors to be improved within East Sussex. The BSIP will help tackle these challenges through a programme of bus priority measures, to speed up journey times and ensure buses turn up on time. 

At a broader level, the BSIP will help address the existing challenges and remove barriers to bus use, unlock even better services and generate modal shift from the private car to bus. 

Why your views matter

Your views are important to us, and so we are actively seeing feedback and comments on these proposals to help shape the next design phase.

We have developed a Frequently Asked Questions document to answer additional questions on the proposals. 

You can also contact the project team via email, using the contact details at the top of this page.  

What happens next

Following the consultation period closing on 25th September 2023, the feedback recieved will be analysed and an Engagement and Consultation Report will be produced.  This report will be presented to the BSIP Partnership Project Board and to Lead Member in December 2023.  Following this, a decision will need to be made of which schemes to take forward to further design work and construction with the aim of commecing combined prelim and detailed design in January 2024. 



  • Eastbourne
  • Lewes


  • Anyone from any background


  • Public Transport