Eastbourne parking review 2019 - initial consultation

Closed 5 Apr 2019

Opened 15 Mar 2019

Results Updated 21 May 2019

We have now had an opportunity to look at and consider all the responses.      On balance there is not enough support to take the proposed schemes forward to the next stage of our parking review.

Some locations have been identified where we do feel changes are needed. These are as follows: 

Arlington Road area

  • Old Orchard Road – introduction of shared use bays (permit holders and pay and display), reduction of existing double yellow lines by The Law Courts, introduction of a loading ban at the junction of Arlington Road
  • Arlington Road – introduction of a loading ban at the junction of Old Orchard Road, changes to the length and operational times of existing doctors bay and its partial replacement with a disabled bay
  • Saffron’s Road – introduction of shared use bay (permit holders and pay and display) between the junctions of Old Orchard Road and Grove Road
  • Southfields Road – changes to the maximum stay of existing time limited bays by Royal Mail delivery office, changes to the operational times of existing loading bay to allow taxis over night
  • Grove Road – replacement of some shared use bays (permit holders and pay and display) with pay and display only bays, change to existing loading ban outside Strict Baptist Chapel from Mon-Sat 8am-6pm to At Any Time
  • Changes to zone boundaries

Commercial Road area

  • Commercial Road – reduction of existing double yellow lines opposite numbers 14 and 15, removal of existing disabled bays outside numbers 39 and 50
  • Changes to zone boundaries

Bourne Street area

  • Langney Road – removal of existing loading bay outside number 116, introduction of time limited bays outside and opposite number 183
  • Pevensey Road – removal of existing loading bay outside numbers 122-124

These will be included in the current review of parking in Eastbourne. We are preparing the informal consultation documents and are expecting to advertise the proposals towards the end of June.

Thank you for your interest in this consultation.


We have received a number of requests to extend parking controls in Eastbourne because of parking difficulties caused by local workers, businesses, and other visitors leaving their vehicles parked all day.

We try to manage the needs of all users and we wish to seek your views on parking in your road and whether you support the proposed changes.

Please note that we are considering changes to four different areas in Eastbourne. More information about the proposals in each area can be found at the bottom of this page.

Why We Are Consulting

We would like to know if you think that the proposed changes would be beneficial to your area.

The review is at an early stage and no decisions have been made. Your views will determine whether parking controls are introduced in the area, no decision will be made until the results of this questionnaire have been assessed.

After the closing date of 5 April 2019 we will process all responses. East Sussex County Council takes data protection seriously. For further information please see the Privacy Notices at the bottom of this page.

Depending on the level of support for the proposals we will decide one of the following ways forward.

  1. If there is a low level of support for the proposals there will be no further action.
  2. If there is a high number of suggested alternatives, these will be considered. We will then draw up detailed proposals and undertake informal consultation.
  3. If there is a high level of support for the proposals, detailed plans will be drawn up and further informal consultation will take place.

If the informal consultation shows that the majority of local addresses support the introduction of the scheme, we will consult again as part of the formal consultation and a draft Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) will be written and advertised allowing 21 days for consultation. If there are no objections the restrictions will be introduced and the draft TRO made permanent. If objections are received, we will need to consider these and present a report to Planning Committee for a decision.

Your comments will help us reach a decision whether to proceed with the proposals. We therefore encourage you to participate in the consultation process.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to this consultation.


  • Eastbourne


  • Anybody with an interest


  • Traffic Regulation Orders