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Closed 13 Aug 2019

Opened 4 Jun 2019

Results Updated 21 Nov 2019

On 24 September 2019, East Sussex County Council’s Lead Member for Adult Social Care and Health agreed to changes in support for working age adults. 

This follows a proposal to change the way working age adults are supported. The savings proposal underwent a 10-week consultation and Equality Impact Assessments, which informed the decision.

What has been agreed?

For working age adults, the council will carry out a programme of client reviews, to make sure people’s support meets their needs and identified outcomes, considers their strengths, supports their independence and is cost effective. The council will also review the services available in the community, and consider whether work is needed to develop the market, as well as working with providers to understand why residential and nursing costs are higher in East Sussex.

What happens next?

Adult Social Care will be in touch with people affected by the decision over the coming months. No changes will be made to people’s support until they’ve been contacted.

For more information read the Lead Member papers and minutes.
See below for an easy read summary of what has been agreed and what happens next.

Consultation results

We received over 70 responses to the consultation from organisations, groups and individuals, with nearly two fifths coming from people who receive support and their families and carers. Overall themes from the consultation included:

  • There are particular concerns that the proposals come from an expectation that savings are made, as people feel it should be about what is needed and not about making cuts.
  • People are generally supportive of the proposed approach and feel that in principle it is a reasonable step to take.
  • People and their families are worried that their support will be changed in a way that will mean their needs aren’t met, which would have a negative impact on their daily life.
  • Respondents feel strongly that the focus must be on the individual and any reviews should be about people’s needs and the best way of meeting these.
  • The main challenge in supporting people in new ways is likely to be whether the right sort of support and services for this age group are available to meet demand.
  • It could be particularly challenging in rural areas, as services may be more limited.

See below for an easy read summary of the results.



We want to improve the way we support working age adults, building on their strengths, providing care that maximises their independence and supporting more people to stay living at home. This will ensure our limited budget is spent on meeting eligible needs in the best and most cost-effective way.

A working age adult is someone aged between 18 and 64. Long-term care means someone has met the Care Act eligibility criteria to receive ongoing support from us.

How to take part

The detailed consultation information explains the background, what we have learned so far, and what we are proposing to do. You can fill in the survey online or in hard copy, but you can also send us a letter or email – whatever works for you.

There is an easy read summary of the information available to download below. If you need this information in another format or you need help to take part please contact us via the details on the right.

  • Fill in the online survey by clicking on the link below
  • Email us your feedback: consultationASC@eastsussex.gov.uk
  • Post us your feedback: Working Age Adults Consultation, North A Floor, County Hall, St Anne’s Crescent, Lewes, BN7 1UE

Why We Are Consulting

Our research has shown that we spend more on packages of care for working age adults than similar local authorities. We are providing long-term care to more people and have a higher number who are receiving their care in a residential setting.

We had a budgeted spend on working age adults of nearly £50 million net last year. There are currently over 2,500 working age adults receiving a long-term package of care from us. We are planning to save £247,000 from the budget this year.

We want to use this consultation to share our research and find out what partners, providers and people think about what we are proposing to do next. Please note that we will continue to review people’s needs as normal during the consultation period.

What happens next?

A decision will be made by members in September about what happens next.

Privacy: This survey is anonymous, although we do ask some respondents to complete an optional 'about you' section at the end. You will find more information in the relevant section. Please ensure that any comments you make don't include any names or personal details of you or anyone else. For more information about how the data will be stored and processed by East Sussex County Council please click here.

Consultation information

Read the detailed consultation information here or as part of the various surveys.

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